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Our limited edition designs are bespoke and tailored to you. Each season we will be releasing special edition products in limited quantities that will be certified with their own certification.

Once you have placed an order on the item, we will begin to make it based on your requests, tailoring this item to you. Be sure to check out our socials to catch a glimpse of our new releases!

What our customers say

The mask is so comfortable

It’s an absolute joy to wear this mask, the fabric is soft, surprisingly very breathable and it hug my face comfortably too, I almost felt mask free!

by Helen

Fitting Hero

Delirio's mask is super comfy and breathable. The fitting is one of the best I've tried so far, plus the Delirio tag on the side is so stylish, can't wait to wear it at some parties!

by Nico

The shine is just magical

The mask is so shiny it makes me feel like I almost gained magical powers when I wear it, everywhere I go I notice people staring, it sure does make me feel like a rock star!

by Jessica

The mask made is for icons

I love this mask so much, it’s a perfect fit for me! I think people recognised me because of this mask.

by Steffie

I feel powerful and stylish

I get compliments wherever I go when I wear this mask, a friend commented that I look like a boss babe ready to take on the world when I wore it for the first time. I love it so much I got more colours to match my outfits!

by Cherrie