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The week long bundle, a mask for everyday of the week!

Power through the week in 7 effortlessly stylish colours, these masks are machine washable, so pop them in a laundry bag along with everything else and you will have a perfectly clean mask for the next day!

  • Top layer: Breathable nylon
  • Inner lining: cotton blend with filter pocket design
  • Adjustable ear bands: our elastic bands are durable and soft to the touch, and come with additional silicone toggles added for a better fit around the face.
  • Aluminium nose wire: our aluminium nose wire is light and durable and will not cause discolouration to your mask from rusting.

What's in the box

Our masks comes with a resealable PVC pouch to keep things neat and chic.

Bundle includes all 7 colours of the essentials collection.


Size chart

To find your perfect fit, you can simply measure the distance from the middle part of either ear to the other to obtain the width, and from your nose bridge to your chin to obtain the length.

Adjustable ear straps can offer that extra sung fit! If you're still unsure about your fit, contact us down here!

Illustration of how to measure the length and height for Delirio face masks.

Size Length (cm) Height (cm)
XS 20 12
S 22 13.5
M 23 14.5

Simple but essential

Our masks features 3 layers of 100% tightly woven breathable cotton, with a filter pocket for extra protection. Aluminium nose wire to create a secure and slim fit. High-quality machine washable, adjustable, 100% Cotton with AB crystal mesh face mask enhanced with a filter pocket and aluminium nose wire, made of tightly woven cotton with a slim fit face and chin coverage.

Focus on the essentials, and leave everything else.

Make it simple but significant.

All glory comes from daring to begin.

Adjustable ear bands

What our customers say

What our customers say

A confidence boost

Love your bling bling masks for my performance, party and events to stand out among the crowd and add magic to boost my confidence! ❤️

by Zoé Velours

I don’t want to take it off

Really love the mask shining effect of the mask! I feel really safe, powerful and confident when I wear it! Me and my girl friend wear it in the club and the festival all the time. I loved wearing it so much I couldn’t take it off!

by Lucius Chow

Puts me in the spotlight

An absolutely extravagant experience to wear Delirio’s face masks. The sparkly details will definitely put you in a spot light, when your head moves, your face glistens, everyone will notice you as you enter the room^^ I must mention the V cut on the jawline, it will for sure give you the perfect snatched look.

by Ashley Ripper