Delirio & friends Affiliate program


what is #delirioandfriends?  

 #delirioandfriends is a partnership program to invite unique beauties around the world, to share their style and spread awareness of the benefits from using long lasting high quality product with your audience!

Whats wrong?

And according to a new report, humans are globally using and disposing of an estimated 129 billion face masks and 65 billion plastic gloves every single month that we deal with COVID-19.

Disposable masks are plastic products, that cannot be readily biodegraded but may fragment into smaller plastic particles, namely  nano plastics that are polluting ecosystems endangering wild life and poisoning our planet.





What can we do?

REDUCE the consumption of these plastics.

Even from just switching disposable to reuse-able masks can cut down your carbon foot and ease your conscious.


How does it work?  

We will first begin by sending you 2 of your most favourite things from our store and a 10% off discount code that is uniquely yours.

Every time your code is used, $10hkd will be donated to any of the charities that we choose every first day of the month.

Here are a few charities that we will be partnering with in the future:

Paws United

The Nature Conservancy 

Ocean Conservancy

Amnesty International


Mind HK

Breast Cancer Research Foundation


We are open to suggestions to any charities that you would like us to work with, let's spread more awareness about anything and everything that means something to us :)

The donations will be carried out every last Friday of the month.


If you're interested in joining our alliance to spread this Love among our fellow earthlings, please fill out the registration from this link below, we will be in touch as soon as this application is approved.

With this alliance, I hope that we can help each other grow, and give this big old blue and the people living on it some TLC<3 .  if you have any questions or suggestions, drop me a message, I'm happy to discuss with you! 


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