Established in the year 2020, DELIRIO (de-li-rio) is an ethically handmade streetwear and festival fashion brand from Hong Kong.

With the pandemic roaring, an estimation of around 4 to 6 million face masks are used daily in Hong Kong, creating 10 to 15 tonnes of surgical mask waste everyday.

Hoping to reduce the consumption of single use face masks and plastic waste, brand creator @harrietlam wanted to change the idea of mask wearing from a face covering to a game changing accessory that is stylish to wear.

The brand that you see today was inspired by her love for the music festival culture. Through fashion and design, Harriet began to express her own creativity through making her very own outfits to attend music festivals.

The music festival culture encourages self expression, through a blend of music, art and social ideals ( peace, love, unity, respect, tolerance, happiness), and Delirio is here to embody the best of what music festival culture represents with inspirations from her home city of Hong Kong’s own unique partying style. 



   Tomorrowland 2019  


  EDC Korea 2019


Empowering you through effortlessly wearable style

Delirio is committed to provide high quality and effortlessly wearable clothing and accessories that inspires imagination and encourages experimentation to create personal style.  

Each piece that we create is made with utmost love and care by our most dedicated seamstresses and craftsmen from Hong Kong.

We want to ensure that you receive the highest quality, timeless and dependable life wear that will support you through the years to come.