• Tiger with wings 如虎添翼
  • Abundance from all corners of the world 四方來財
  • Tiger with wings 如虎添翼

Fai Chun 揮春

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Fai Chun 揮春 is a traditional decoration that is frequently used during Chinese New Year.

Traditionally these red banners are written by hand on red pieces of Xuan paper with different  phrases of meanings mostly of good luck, prosperity love and happiness. These banners are placed on the doorways and walls to create a celebratory festive atmosphere to usher in thee new year.


Dragon fabric with holographic writing in :

四方來財 Abundance from all corners of the world

如虎添翼 Tiger with wings

Reversible design with 福; (fuk) Good fortune on one side in reflective material. Can be hung inverted.

“Fuk” is always hung inverted on the center of the door on purpose. The reason behind this is the superstition that the homonymy of the Chinese words “inverted” (倒) and “arrival” (到) suggests the arrival of happiness and good fortune.

A mystery charm will be included wit the Fai Chun.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Fai Chun is a traditional decoration that is frequently used during Chinese New Year. Lift up the festive spirits this year with blessings to ring in properity and more!

恭喜發財 I hope you get rich.

笑口常開 Smiling always.

一帆風順 May all that you do go smoothly.

Adjustable ear bands

What our customers say

What our customers say

A confidence boost

Love your bling bling masks for my performance, party and events to stand out among the crowd and add magic to boost my confidence! ❤️

by Zoé Velours

I don’t want to take it off

Really love the mask shining effect of the mask! I feel really safe, powerful and confident when I wear it! Me and my girl friend wear it in the club and the festival all the time. I loved wearing it so much I couldn’t take it off!

by Lucius Chow

Puts me in the spotlight

An absolutely extravagant experience to wear Delirio’s face masks. The sparkly details will definitely put you in a spot light, when your head moves, your face glistens, everyone will notice you as you enter the room^^ I must mention the V cut on the jawline, it will for sure give you the perfect snatched look.

by Ashley Ripper